Raspberry Pi

Smart Controller

Smart home controller that can be operated from LINE

Using Bottle.py to turn my Raspberry Pi into a web server and linked it with LINE

Since I was able to turn Raspberry Pi into a smart remote control by previous article, I thought it would be nice to be able to run it from LINE, so I gave it a try. In short, you can turn on the light in your room and the air conditioner from LINE. What we want to do Specifically, I'd like to make the LINE ↔ Raspberry Pi collaboration in the following steps.

Adding an alarm function to my ceiling light at home with RaspberryPi

I've been hearing the alarm on my smart phone, but I keep going to sleep and waking up at 11:00………………….. I realized that auditory stimulation was no longer working for my body, so I decided to stimulate a different kind of sensation to wake me up. I would have liked to use tactile sensation, but I'll try to stimulate it with simple visual stimulation. Also, I think I've heard that waking up with light is good for you.